Remember that old Bob Marley song?

You don’t have to be stoned to appreciate it, but he did have some alright stuff back in the day.

I also want you to remember this song as your theme for this week.

Not to go and light a blunt, but to put that thought into your head as often as you can during your day.

Get up from your chair and stand up.

Maybe even walk around a bit.

Even if it’s just a trip to the kitchen to fill up your water bottle.

Stand up for your rights if you even wish to add, keeping on that Bob Marley theme.

Stand up for your right to not have your body seize up cause you’ve been stuck at a laptop in a non ergonomically approved workplace set up.

Stand up to help your posture from that typical laptop posture of person hunched over a keyboard leaning forward.

Even though massage and chiro places might be hurting a bit now, I’m predicting they’ll get a massive spike once the restrictions get eased a bit and we can get back to a sort of normal.

So try and keep that at bay.

Get up, stand up today. As often as you can. 

Try and keep that theme running for the week and hopefully your body will thank me later.


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