Normally, I’m not a fan of posting a photo of every meal you eat on Instagram just for the likes.

Now, wine on the other hand…

(but that’s just more so I have a reference of what I really enjoyed so I know what to put to the front of the queue next time)

Anyways, this little insight I’ve got for you today will help you.

Even if you decide against posting every single meal you eat to Instagram or Facebook.

It’s something that we do as part of our DPM Transformation Challenges.

On a side note, no, I’m not doing another one of these any time soon but if there’s enough interest I may be able to tie it in with my book thing in the coming months.

But this simple habit of taking a photo of everything you eat for a set amount of time – give it a couple of days or even a week really works.

Sure, it might be a pain in the arse.

But so is putting on the extra winter baggage wouldn’t you agree?

The beauty of doing this, and it is exactly as those who’ve done our little transformations experience for themselves, is that it makes you more aware of everything that you eat.

Not just the foods you eat.

But also the portion size.

It’s often not until you step back and look at something with a different set of eyes that you realise that a particular meal was too big.

Or, on the flip side, not big enough cause it led you to eating more in the following hour or two than you otherwise would have.

Make sense?

So if you’re looking for something practical to start this week with,

especially if you’re trying to get back in action and lose some winter kilos that might have crept on during the last month,

you can do a lot worse than give this a go for this week.

Try it out and see for yourself.

You’ll be more aware of what you eat.

And maybe what you’re not eating.

It also works for drinks – including water.

So what do you think?

Worth a try?


PS – if you like this type of thing you’ll love my book that you’ll hear more about soon.

The working title is Short & Sweet: The 20 Minute Home Workout Solution For Busy Parents (as voted by the people on the DPM facebook page) and I think you’ll like what you find in it.

​​​​​​​Can’t wait to tell you more!

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