Cold week yeah?

Winter has well and truly kicked into gear this week.

Which means things may well be starting to get that little bit harder to get started in the morning.

End result means the snooze button might get more of a run than you’d originally planned?

And of course, that just sets you behind with your fitness plans.

Which can be dangerous if one snooze morning becomes two, and so on.

Like getting up without thinking about it when the alarm goes off, it becomes a habit.

And once you do something a few times that habit becomes ingrained.

Whether it’s good or bad.

Which made me think it’s time for a DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge.

I’m giving you the early heads up today, but we’re going to start officially Monday week.

But if you’re keen to get rolling ASAP, you can get a head start and start this Monday.

Why not strike while the desire is there before the temptation of staying the same takes over.

Start date: Monday 6 July

Finish: Sunday 16 August

There will be a small financial investment of only $99, for two reasons.

1) I want you to buy in financially so that you are going to be motivated to stick with it so you don’t waste your money

2) to cover my costs and time too to be completely upfront.

I’ll cover this in more detail tomorrow but in a nutshell you’ll be getting two different workouts to see you through.

One for the first three weeks.

And another one for the next three.

You’ll also have access to the Trainerize app that I like to use that tracks all your sessions so you and I both know how many workouts you’ve done each week.

Either via this app or the in person workouts that I track separately.

And lets you follow along via a timer based workout telling you what to do and for how long.

We’ll also work through whatever your main goals are you want to achieve in these 6 weeks.

This means that I’ll check in with you individually each week based around these goals and set you a new challenge for the following week based on what you want to achieve.

In the past challenges there’s been a generic challenge for everyone.

I realise that this isn’t ideal as some things are more appropriate to one person than another.

Now it’s going to be focused to you.

As a result, I’m only opening up 10 spaces.

And you don’t have to be a current DPMer to take part.

If you know someone who wants in but can’t commit to our in person sessions, this is the thing for them.

So if you’re ready to get the show back on the road, join me in this little Winter Challenge for only $99 right here.


PS – got any questions? hit reply and let me know but like I said, more details tomorrow.

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