Had a couple of requests to go for another round of bone broth orders from Meadow and Marrow, so if you want in, let me know by tomorrow.

I’ll be placing a new order tomorrow arvo.

If you haven’t tried it before and have been meaning to, this is a great way to test it out and pay less than retail price.

Hit reply if you want to know the deal, but for a heads up the RRP is $37 plus you have to pay $10 postage no matter how much you buy.

I pay $10 flat postage for however many boxes I order.

And my wholesale price is a bit better than that. 

This is open to DPMers only.

As for it’s benefits?

I’ve stopped using glucosamine for my knees since I started regularly using bone broth because of the benefits it has for joint health.

Then there’s the gut health benefits which everyone is taking more notice of these days.

And it is supposed to have skin benefits as well so if you normally have problems with clear skin, you may want to check it out for those benefits too.

If you want to find out more, check out the Meadow and Marrow website here and see the available flavours.

My recommendation, and the most popular with DPMers is the Burn flavour.

Awesome with a little bit of a kick for those who like it hot.

So let me know ASAP if you want in on this order, and if so, what and how many you want.

Currently I’m at 10 already and need a minimum of 12 to order which won’t be a problem.

It just depends whether we get another box or not.

Like I said, I’ll be ordering tomorrow arvo so get in quick.


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