How’s this for thinking outside the square –

Did you see the video that went viral on the weekend of the tradies that obviously wanted an earlier knock off time on Friday?

If you missed it, I included the link in the PS but these concreter’s had some gutters to concrete.

But beer o’clock was calling.

What to do, what to do.

These blokes came up with a genius idea to use one bloke (who had to be the apprentice!) to do whatever concreter’s do but came up with the quick way to do it.

By picking up a leg each and holding this bloke while he went around with the leveller (you can see I’m up to date with concrete terms…)

That alone would’ve been a massive ab workout for that young fella.

Think of ab rollouts and you’ll get the picture.

But it makes you think what can be achieved when you think outside the box.

And to be honest, these tradies have a lot in common with anyone who wants to drop a few kgs.

Even at this time of year when everyone is under the pump with Christmas functions.

It’s still possible.

You just gotta think outside the box.

What can you do this week that’s going to help – apart from the getting up and doing some exercise of course?

What can you do that’s different?

Here’s some ideas:

= move more – add an extra walk or two each week in

= cut the alcohol out for an extra day the next few weeks leading up to Christmas

= have a big night or lunch planned due to the festive season? Workout before you go out and fast the next morning

= vary up your current workout routine. Add in a day, put in some new exercises that are guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

You know, the ones that use more than one muscle group at once. Things like Blast offs, body blasts, prisoner squats etc are gold and don’t need any equipment.

And if you need an extra kick start to step up the game I have one morning personal training session come up that you might be interested.

These times are rare as hens teeth. It’s been ages since I’ve had a morning vacancy. It’s Friday morning 7:15-7:45 am if you want it.

We can do a quick 4 week blast leading up to Christmas – with no recurring commitment necessary.

Location wise- has to be CBD or Glebe/Lilyfield area.

Want it?

This will go quick. Email back ASAP and let’s tee up a chat if you’re serious.

NO time wasters please.


PS – here’s the link to that video I mentioned– it’s in this article.


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