Last week I opened up my mind to something that I thought I’d never do.

No, I didn’t go and join a Crossfit class.

I listened to a podcast at 1.5 speed.

I heard someone say that it’s life changing.

Obviously they were being a bit liberal with the truth,

but the sentiment was it was a good thing to do and you’ll never look back once you try it.

Have you done it?

To be honest, the only reason I did it was cause the podcast I was listening to was longer than my drive to work and the persons voice wasn’t exactly the most exciting to listen to at full speed.

Kinda like how you’d have to listen to me if I ever did a podcast seeing as I don’t exactly have the voice of an angel!

So I thought I’d give it a go.

And I liked it.

Don’t think I’ll do it for every podcast I listen too but it expanded my horizons to something different.

Which brings me to how this can relate to you, and your mission to lose those 5kg you can’t seem to shift.

You have to be open to trying something different.

Something that fits in with your schedule.

Something that isn’t impossible to do.

That 45 minute podcast for me came down to just over 30 mins by upping the speed.

And I wasn’t listening to a chipmunk talk so it made it worthwhile.

How can you speed things up for your training?

Is it taking less breaks between each exercise?

Is it trying something different?

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What have you got to lose?

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