You may find todays topic of interest if you know of someone in your family who has suffered with dementia.

And if you are lucky enough not to have experienced that personally, chances are you know someone who has.

And as we all get older, it becomes a thing we need to be mindful of ourselves. No pun intended.

Last Friday there was a report released – The World’s Alzheimer’s Report 2019 and it predicts that by 2058 the number of people who suffer from this worldwide will triple.

The bad thing is that forecasting puts us in the firing line.

Think about it. 

Another 40 years time we’re looking at being 80+. Hopefully if we’re still kicking around.

The good news though is it’s not all bad.

They found that it is NOT a normal part of ageing.

And they also found that we can do things to help reduce our risk.

One of the main things was preventing isolation.

So if you live alone, this applies to you.

It doesn’t mean you have to shack up with some rich billionaire, but you need a good social support network.

That makes sense.

Another preventive thing was early intervention.

So if you notice something seems off with a loved one or even yourself down the track, get on top of it quick. Speak to a professional who can point you in the right direction.

The easiest things we can do though to help lower our risk is luckily fairly easy.

Regular exercise and keeping your mind active.

So you’re covered there as long as you’re getting out and about and making your DPM action happen.

The other things that they mentioned was a healthy eating approach and obviously not smoking and reducing excess alcohol consumption.

They didn’t mention what excess meant according to this study but I guess we can take it to mean the standard drinking, 

which might mean we could be in trouble, cause I for one don’t limit myself to 2 standard size drinks when I have a drink and I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe there.

So all in all, keep doing what we’re doing now, and encourage your parents if they’re still around to keep active too.

That’s the best we can do to help future proof our future self.



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