Have you  checked out the latest episode of the Top Of The Hill Fitness Podcast For Busy Parents Over 40 yet?

This weeks episode comes in at 15 minutes and delves into the fitness fads and trends I’ve seen over my last 19 years in the fitness industry.

Some things stick around longer than others so you may be interested to hear my thoughts on what’s been the ‘next big thing’ over my time.

I also put on the old Nostradamus hat and make some interesting predictions for where I see things heading.

You’ll find episode 7 here if you’re on iTunes, otherwise check out Spotify or your favourite Android app.

Let me know what you think of it.

I’m also interested in hearing your predictions.

Where do you think things are heading with all things fitness in the coming years?

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PS – I’m recording another podcast episode this arvo – let me know if you want any questions answered in this one or any content you’d like to hear featured in coming episodes


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