Close your eyes for a minute and let’s do some future pacing.

This is where we’re going to see where you’re at three months down the track this year.
If you worked out after my email last week that this is the year you ARE going to lose those stubborn five to ten kilos,

close your eyes and see yourself sliding those nice little pair of jeans on that you can’t fit into right now.

See yourself fitting into that dress you’ve always wanted to buy.

See yourself as you will be in only three short months.

See yourself smiling with satisfaction.

Feel how energised you are compared to how you may feel now.

Now let’s come back to now.

That felt pretty good right?

All we have to do now is get to that stage.

if you played along last week you should know how to get to that stage for you.

Or if you need help with that, hit reply and let me know.

Let’s work together on what we can make work for you and your current schedule. 

If that involves some DPM sessions, you can find out more info here

Let’s make it happen.


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