Got something to share with you today that I mentioned in our Transformation Contest group the other day.

And I figured you might appreciate this message too.

Especially with the weekend on our doorstep.

It’s especially relevant at this time of year too.

So how are things looking for you right now?

Are you encouraged by your changes and progress?

Or maybe discouraged by a perceived lack of progress? 

Either way, the fact we still have another 4 weeks until Christmas is good for either scenario you find yourself in. 

Still time to consolidate on what you’ve already been doing so far.

Or on the other hand, still time to make a few small changes to your routine.

The other thing I’ll say, yes it can get harder socially over the next few weeks leading into Christmas. 

That’s a given.

The way I see it, it’s actually a head start.

Normally I pack on a good few kgs at this time of year.

Especially in the 2 weeks after when I’m on holidays. 

But we’ve got a head start this year. 

And with those extra social things we just need a plan. 

Yours might be an extra workout added each week.

Or an extra walk. 

Maybe it’s an extra detox day or have every day detox outside of your cheat meas. 

Either way you’re still able to make progress.

Maybe not as much as the last 4 weeks, but anything is something. 

As I’m sure you’re noticing, that’s the recurring theme. 

Just do something. 

Hopefully that point hits home for you today.


PS – exciting news coming Monday….