Exclusive Offer Just For Former DPMers Only: 2 Weeks FREE Access To Any Small Group Session As Part Of An Exclusive Welcome Back "Taster" Fortnight

This Exclusive FREE Welcome Back 'Taster' Fortnight (Over $250 In Value) Includes:

  • My 'get lean' blueprint where you'll discover how to drop the last stubborn kilos in a safe, effective way without starving yourself or the need for crazy, expensive supplements (I'll even shout you the hard copy versions of each!)
  • A 2 week 'all access' pass to our private inner circle group where I'll support you and keep you accountable
  • Up to 8 fun, effective and fully coached workouts that you'll love and have nothing to do with the usual 'train until you vomit' bootcamps
  • Free online access to "The DPM 4 Week System" that compliments your face to face sessions so that you can finally see transformational results without having to commit to hours and hours of time you don't have
  • Specialist guidance on nutrition, workouts and accountability from an Industry veteran who's been running DPM for the last 11.5 years
  • A private, supportive group of positive like minded people
  • The same light-hearted, fun and results producing environment you remember from before
  • A FREE DPM t-shirt for you to keep even if you don't continue after your 2 week test drive

So Where Are Our Small Group Sessions Located?

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  • You will not be subscribed to any emailing list by filling in your details. They remain confidential with me and you will not receive any of my daily emails unless you choose to do so and opt in yourself on the home page

Why Am I Doing This?

Basically, I miss having you on board here at DPM. So I've selected a small selection of former clients who I'd love to see back with the group. There's no strings attached.

Have the 2 weeks on the house. If it works, we can get the wheels in motion again. If not, we go our separate ways with no hard feelings.

Either way, you keep the DPM t-shirt and the access to the DPM 4 Week Express Transformation System to help you out with your 'get back on track' mission and we can part with no hard feelings if it doesn't suit your timetable.

Does that sound fair enough? If you have any questions about anything? Let me know. my NEW email is Daniel@dpmtransformation.com or give me a call or SMS on 0415 843 675

What are you waiting for? Got any questions let me know

Fill in your details in the boxes above and I'll be in touch ASAP. If you have any questions my email is daniel(at)dpmtransformation.com or you can contact me on 0415 843 675