Here’s some research from The BMJ (British Medical Journal) that I came across that you might be interested in.

Before I share it with you, don’t stress too much – I think you’ll be sweet, cause after all, you’re reading this so chances are you are on the right track.

But it makes for interesting reading nonetheless.

The findings showed at out of 25,000 kids, the ones whose mums kept five healthy lifestyle factors had a 75% lower risk of childhood obesity than kids whose mums had none of the five habits.

And those five factors?

– high quality diet 

– regular exercise

– BMI below 25

– doesn’t smoke

– low alcohol intake

Pretty amazing right?

Now, the one thing this research didn’t cover, was the dads influence on childhood obesity.

The only concession made was the researchers acknowledged that dads choices could play a role in their kids potential risk of obesity.

That to me is a no-brainer if those numbers are so prevalent on the mums side, it can only be the same for us dads.

Now, like I said at the start,

I’d imagine things are pretty sweet on your end cause you’re actually reading this,

but it just reinforces why we make the choices that we do.

I know I want to give my kids the best chance at a healthy life as possible.

Sure they can have treats every week and not have to get by on tuna and broccoli, cause I sure as hell don’t,

but setting good examples – the same goes for when I’m exercising in front of them, isn’t going to be a bad long term thing for them to subconsciously see.

What’s your take?


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