Something important today for the fellas – or the man in your life today.

It’s a test that takes literally 10 seconds to do that can predict their/your risk of heart disease.

And it’s even valid if you exercise or aren’t overweight.

Divide your waist by your height (in cm).

That’s it.

If your score is over 0.5 you’re at higher risk.

If you’re under, you’re doing alright.

So how about it?

It’s a timely thing too this little test. 

Especially after Easter cause if you’re like me, you probably had more than your fair share of chocolate (including raiding this kids stash) over the last 2 weeks.

I have anyways.

So it’s a good reminder to pull things back in a bit to keep it under control.

I already mentioned on my podcast on Friday if you tuned in about my parachute theory and how it was time for me to pull the cord and activate my chute.

This started on Monday for me.

No midweek drinking and no more chocolate (all the kids good stuff is gone anyways and it’s no point eating the bad stuff!)

Back to being a bit more mindful of my cheat meals too.


PS – only a couple of copies left of my Short ‘N Sweet book– grab yours before they’re all gone. I won’t be reprinting straight away so get amongst it before it’s too late 

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