If you’re a basketball fan, you no doubt recall the famous Michael Jordan flu game story. Where he got up out of his sick bed and put on a clinic in an NBA finals game back in the 90’s.

Well, that may not be all true after that Last Dance doco last year raised claims that he was in fact suffering from food poisoning after getting pizza.

Or the conspiracy theorists who believe that he was out on the punt and drink all night before and was hungover.

All are likely scenarios when you’re talking about Michael Jordan…

But that’s not why I’m here.

Putting on the prediction hat today for a change, and I’m going to ask you for your two cents as well. 

Even if you don’t hit reply and let me know, maybe have a think, make a prediction, and see how it pans out.

Anyways, I’m referring to something I read yesterday. 

I wish I had of kept the link cause I forgot where I read it, but it was an article quoting some smart guy saying that this years flu season could be worse than a while cause we’re not at home and social distancing anymore.

Now, for what it’s worth, I take that with a grain of salt and think that there may be a little bit of fear mongering there.

Especially after I found a contradictory view point from an equally smart person when I was trying to find the original – when they said this years flu season may not be as bad because people aren’t constantly coming in from overseas and bringing it in with them.

That is a smart way to look at it.

Cause really, we don’t know either way.

My gut feeling is it won’t be a terrible one, sure it’ll be more than last year, but not as bad as 2019 which was apparently one of the worst on record.

With my reasoning being like old mate above said plus the fact most people are still a bit more conscious about sanitising and hygiene (granted not at the levels we saw last year, but still better than it was).

Even just places having sanitiser available everywhere now can only help.

Just a reminder that I still have it available if you still want to use it before, during or after your DPM session too.

Just ask and I’ll leave it out if I  haven’t already.

And I also think that more people will go back to working from home even part time during winter cause they don’t want to go out when it’s cold.

So there’s less exposure there.

That’s where my money is, and I may well be wrong. It’s happened before. But I’ll throw this out there as my two cents on what I think will happen.

How about you?

Whichever side you stand on though, we can still do our best to lower our risk. 

Keeping that regular activity level up.

Making sure we get plenty of vegetables and some fruit in, from a wide variety too.

You can even dose up on some vitamins and keep a regular bone broth intake up if that’s your thing.

And of course you can always take the vaccination too if you normally do that.

So no matter what plays out, we may not 100% eliminate our risk, but we’re damned sure better equiped to handle it either way.


PS – Finally, just to clarify my position from yesterday about the whole 10,000 steps thing – I’m not saying don’t aim for it, cause the more steps we take each day the better. I’m just saying don’t be hung up on the number you get to if it’s less. Like I said, it all adds up and is better than nothing 


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