Do you ever look back at some of the things you used to do and just shake your head?

SMDH as the cool kids would say.

Facebook is the main reminder for this with their flashback stuff or whatever they call it.

Some of that is cool, like when photos of your old Europe trip come up.

And of course when the kids were younger.

But some of it just makes me cringe.

Lucky they now let you delete the ones you no longer want to see.

I’m also constantly reminded that I’m glad there were no smart phones or social media back in the day when some of that stupid stuff you did when you were drunk would have been recorded forever.

Back then it was just those who were there at the time to remind you of it!

Other times though it’s things that you see day to day that remind you of something you used to do.

One of them happened to me the other day.

A stupid slogan on the back of a jumper (can’t even remember what it said now) that I came across,

but it reminded me of something I used to have on the back of some of the original DPM t-shirts back in the day “train insane or remain the same” it said.

Thought it was pretty cool at the time.

And it may well have been considering I was in my late 20’s and thought I knew it all.

Now I just have a 4 year old who knows it all. 

Anyways. these days I’m well aware that the slogan is ridiculous.

And far from practical.

Unless you’re a 20 something year old bearded cross fitter with all the time in the wold.

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Cross Fit, I just know that it’s not what my target market – you – are looking for, and it’s definitely the last thing I want to be doing now)

Besides being almost another decade and a half older, and the body reminding me of that every day by paying for old sins, I’ve also realised a few important things:

1) You don’t have to train ‘insane’ to get any results = in fact I’d argue that it’s the actual worst thing to be doing regardless how young or ‘old’ you may be.

We should be training smart. Smart for where we are now activity and health wise, but also time wise.

Cause if you’re not, you pay for it later, as I can well attest.

2) That despite it sounding cool to my younger self at the time, it probably drove people away from wanting to train from me.

Cause after all, people who would have been the age I am at now would have been tuned away by the thought of flogging the body.

Sure it’s good to challenge yourself, and we still do that at DPM,

but there’s a difference between training smart and flogging yourself just for the sake of it wouldn’t you agree? 

(despite the common misbelief that your workout doesn’t count if you don’t post a sweaty duck face instagram selfie…)

3) Training twice a day for an hour or two at a time isn’t necessary.

Of course I had time as my luxury back then as we all did.

Neither of us have that now no matter how much we’d like to wish otherwise.

But being short on time just makes you make smarter choices with your training so you don’t waste the small window of opportunity that you have.

Because after all the results are even more important now, as I’m sure that like me, you can’t exactly eat what you used to and not have to worry about it right?

So yeah, I’m glad I’ve got more wiser as the years have increased and the hair line decreased.

At least I got something out of that deal!


PS – and if you need help customising something smart for where you’re at now, just hit reply and let me know what you’re struggling with, and what you’d like to get out of anything that we can potentially put together for you 

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