So what do you think of these last couple of emails I’ve sent this week?

Have they hit the mark?

I wanted to give you something a bit more in depth

And that’s where I come in at DPM.

To take all that confusion out of exactly what you had to do to finally starting losing those stubborn kilos.

Let me know if you did find it helpful anyways.

Cause I like these emails to be a bit of fun, and tie that story back into a struggle you may be having,

something a bit more than the normal “do this, lose weight” crowd.

That’s a bit too vanilla in my book.

And sure to send you straight to sleep.

But I also want to give you some straight up pure content from time to time too.

That’s what I had in mind with the last three days.

Hopefully they’ll be a point of reference for you.

Something to flag in your emails and come back to when you need a reminder.

Or something to print out and keep as a reminder for your game plan.

Whether you train with me in person or not.

This is straight up pure content.

If you missed them or deleted them by mistake you can always find them on  my blog

Plus you’ll find everything else I’ve written over the last few years there too.

By the way, last call for that personal training ‘tune up’.

So if you want one of those short term 6 week personal training blocks hit reply now and let’s have a chat.


PS – keep reading next week cause I’ve got something pretty cool I want to give you…

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