Had to laugh to myself.

Was sitting in the waiting room of the doctors the other day when I took my mum for an appointment 

and a blast from the past came on the radio.

“For the longest time”

Remember Billy Joel?

Is he even still around these days?

You gotta admit it was a pretty appropriate song for a waiting room at a doctor don’t you think?

But it got me thinking about something.

Not Billy Joel either.

Although his tunes did go alright back in the day.

But it got me thinking about something that maybe you haven’t experienced for the longest time.

– Maybe it’s been wearing that hot dress that you can’t bring yourself to throw away?

– maybe it’s something you haven’t worn since before the kids were born?

– maybe it was just thinking that you hadn’t made time for you in the longest time?

Whatever it was, it doesn’t have to be an old memory like a Billy Joel song.

You can still get that feeling again.

It’s just a matter of trust

(to borrow another Billy Joel song!)

Trust the process.

Cause it works.

Is it time?

Grab a friend and get things happening.

Remember until the month of May, 

I’m rewarding any DPMer, 

or any non DPMer who sends someone my way with some free DPM gear.

They don’t have to join for you to get the clobber.

Just get them to come to a session at least and I’ll take of the rest.

Got someone in mind?

Send them here and I’ll drop em a line to welcome them along 




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