One week back in for 2021 so far and I want to do a little check in.

If you missed the first post, go back and read this but for those who did reply, I have a note in my diary to check back in with you in another three weeks.

But take this as a mini progress check.

How are you going one week in?

Are you on track so far?

You may have been waiting for that line in the sand to get going again – especially if the festive season was a good one.

I was ready for that fresh start.

Or maybe you’re finding things a little tough in getting started again?

If that’s the case, remember the words that I’ve said dozens of times before.

You’re not looking for perfection.

Just progress.

There will be days when you fall off the wagon.

I’m not interested in those.

I’m only interested in the days you make good and follow the plan.

Cause if there’s more of those days – then you’ll be in front overall.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Maybe that’s the plan for this year for yourself?

Look for progress overall.

How about it?

If you’re just coming back and getting started this year, let me know if you want a check in to keep you accountable to your goals in a month from here.

And if you know someone who may benefit from what I offer at DPM this year, I appreciate you spreading the word.


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