It was pretty cool to read yesterday that some states are starting to ease their restrictions – WA from now I think, and Queensland from Friday.
Very encouraging news for everyone.

I figured at Easter that 2 weeks time would be a telling point – if there was a spike or not, which would be happening now, cause some people decided to still hold their family gatherings.

So far we seemed to have missed that.

And all of that would lead you to think that hopefully next week or the week after we might be able to ease our restrictions too.

To be honest, if some space cadet hadn’t authorised for the corona cruise ship to let a bunch of sick people off here we’d be easing our restrictions by now too.

Anyways, we can’t control that.

But hopefully all of this good news means that the level 2 restrictions will come back in.

Which is good news for us.

Meaning I imagine, is we’ll be allowed to have groups of 10 people which means our face to face sessions will be back on!

And of course speaking broader, we might be able to go and actually sit in a cafe, just distanced from the next table.

All good for business and the community all round.

So hopefully the powers that be start to ease their controls to give us a little bit of a pat on the back for being good little citizens.

Cause it will be nice to see everyone face to face again – especially if it’s sooner than the initial 3 month forecast!

Of course I’ll keep you in the loop when things do change, but for now, it’s zoom workouts as usual.



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