Nearly fell off my chair last week when I read an ‘activity guidelines’ article that actually had a dose of common sense to it.

You’ve no doubt heard how you’re supposed to exercise for 2.5-5 hours of moderate intensity exercise per week (yeah that’s coming straight from the Department of Health fact sheet).

The alternative they offer is more reasonable 1 1/4 to 2.5 hours of vigorous intensity is more doable especially if you do a couple of the 1 hour DPM sessions each week.

You’re covered there.

But if you don’t then you might well wonder what’s the point.

It seems too unachievable for most people.

And that’s always been my biggest bug bear with these type of guidelines.

Instead of actually encouraging people to just do something, they set these which for someone may seem easy, but for the next person is just pretty much impossible.

When you combine work and kids and everything else you have to do in what little time you already have it’s almost understandable how some people just say why even bother.

BUT it may be all about to change. Finally!

And that is thanks to Public Health England who have put out a more realistic challenge to people:

A regular 10 minute walk where you focus at keeping a brisk pace = meaning you’re able to hold a chat but too puffed to sing in their words.

That seems way more realistic right?

And something most of us are doing for most parts of a day at some time or another – your walk to the office or the station or taking the dog for a walk or whatever.

And research from Oregon State University back in 2006 backs this up. They recommend as little as 3000 steps  at a moderate pace (which supposedly equals about 3 x brisk 10 min walks) is beneficial to your health.

Now it’s definitely sound doable right?

Of course I recommend some resistance training be added too, not just for your mental health but for your bone health as we get older and to help keep the hormones in check as you go through different stages of your life.

And that’s just not me pushing my own barrel, the Department of Health actually recommends at least 2 days of strengthening workouts each week,

and that’s where I come in if you know someone who needs help with that (just saying!)

And of course you’ll both be rewarded for you spreading the DPM word and them taking action to get started in the right direction.

You can send them this page for more info


And as always, I appreciate you helping to spread the gospel according to DPM!


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