I’m sure you can read between the lines of what that means. 

If you’re a bit more pure than I am, I’ll spell it out for you.

The first word is for and the last word is sake. You can fill in the dots now I’m sure…

Anyways this one comes straight from another parenting fail. 

And this one’s on me. 

Bron told me the other day about something that Emily just randomly said to her when she was dropping her off at preschool. 

Emily: “Do you know what Daddy said the other day when he got angry at the computer?”

Bron: “No what did he say?”

Emily: “He said FFS” (obviously not using the abbreviation, I just don’t want to end up in your trash)

B: “Oh Really? That’s not a very nice thing to say”

E: “I know. I can’t believe he said FFS”

Once again emphasising the words I should learn not to utter in front of a child!

Just goes to show they are sponges and don’t forget a thing. 

And it just goes to show I’ve got to learn to control my frustrations at something as stupid as a computer not working the way I wanted it to and not loading fast enough or whatever my frustration was. I can’t even remember now.

Apart from me showing you how bad a parent I am using that language in front of a 4 year old parrot who’ll dob on me at any chance!

You may be able to sympathise with a moment of your own like this or not,

but regardless of that, the thing I have to learn to take out of that is not to sweat the small stuff.

In the scheme of things a computer doing what computers do from time to time isn’t the end of the world but the frustration built up and it got the better of me.

It was getting late on a Friday afternoon and I didn’t want to be sitting in front of it for any longer than I had to.

Just like I get your progress may feel like on some days that it’s non existent.

You busted your butt all week (literally), and you’ve nailed your food yet the scales aren’t reciprocating. They may have even gone up.

Or you could have just had one of those days where everyone in the world, especially the kids, are conspiring against you.

Hence your own FFS moment.

And if you’re like me in a moment of weakness, probably throwing your toys out of the cot.

But hang in there.

There’s a bunch of reasons why that may have happened.

Even if you can’t see it at the time.

For that scales not moving scenario, it may be hormonal, it may be you’re weighing yourself at a different time of day or day of the week than normal.

It may just be one of those things.

The universe doesn’t always line up.

But try and take a deep breath.

Especially if the kids are around!

That’s my challenge for next time it happens.

Time will tell how successful that is!


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