There was an interesting article that I read yesterday from the BBC that mentioned how popular the whole online training thing has become this year.

Obviously with COVID, and countries like the UK still being in the thick of it, meaning their usual exercise options are unlikely to be a thing so they need an alternative.

But it also opened up another avenue as this quote points out:

“Covid-19 has presented many people with the unique opportunity to exercise more, because, practically, people have fewer reasons not to,” Dr Charlotte Hilton, of the British Psychological society, said.

That’s a very interesting take isn’t it – they have fewer reasons not to exercise.

And especially if you can only go outside to exercise, then you may as well get a break from being stuck inside all day right?

It also pointed to the rise in popularity of fitness apps and trackers and the like.

Then you have the mental health benefits.

And the social connection that people can get when they join a group workout online.

Which brings me to this reminder that if you are looking to get involved with DPM in the new year, but can’t always make our sessions in person for one reason or another, then you may want to look into the zoom only option.

And now you can still benefit from the early bird access offer for the DPM Zoom only workouts for only $150/mth before it reverts back to the same investment as our in person sessions.

This offer ends on New Year Eve (you’ll also a 6 follow along at home workout video set to tide you over when we’re on Christmas break too)


The other thing that I have that will help you with this whole remote training thing is the videos that I mentioned the above that will go out to all DPMers as my Christmas present to you.

Or anyone else who is currently not training with me can buy the set for $50.

But you’ll have to wait until Tuesday to hear more about that.

In the meantime, have a serious think about how you can make our zoom access pass work for you.

And let me know if you have any questions.



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