Good news.

Well if you like an F bomb or 3 it is.

And to be honest, I’ll put my hand up here too.

Something about that four letter word that does the trick sometimes.

And there’s scientific proof to back it up!

Yep, swearing increases your tolerance to physical pain.

This research isn’t exactly new – it’s from 2009 


apparently swearing can also help ease emotional pain and not just physical pain according to some Kiwi researchers in a recent edition of the European Journal of Social Psychology.

So win-win right?

That could help explain two things:

1) why I hear the F bomb during a session – either aimed it me or otherwise!


2) why people drop an F bomb when talking about something or someone close to them.

Don’t say I didn’t teach you anything on a Friday right?

I still won’t be going around saying it in front of my mum though…

Maybe you know someone who could benefit from this approved F bomb dropping,

 and everything else I offer at DPM apart from that outlet!

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And like I’ve mentioned,

I’ll hook you up with some cool DPM workout freebies just for getting them along (1 friend is a singlet, 2 friends is a t-shirt and 3 friends is a hoodie).

This is valid until the end of June so get em on board now to qualify.

Thanks for spreading the word!

See you soon.


PS – if an occasional F bomb or two offends you, you’re definitely wouldn’t fit in with what we do at DPM – a light hearted way to look at life while doing something positive for yourself


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