More proof the world has gone mad.

Yesterday morning I read that Lady Gaga was being fat shamed online by a bunch of keyboard warriors.


These muppets shouldn’t be given the oxygen,

but apparently she was copping flack for what she was wearing for her half time Super Bowl show – apparently she had a “belly”

Yeah nah.

I thought she looked pretty good to be honest.

Didn’t even think for a moment “you shouldn’t be wearing that”.

Not that we’re supposed to right…

Now, I gotta admit I’m not exactly a huge fan so my expectation was low.

Lady Gaga did put on a pretty great show though.

Or Goo Goo as Emily called her.

She thought that was pretty hilarious calling her Goo Goo.

Yesterday was  Emily-Daddy day and I had the game on all day and got to watch it in-between takes of playing aeroplanes and colouring in and the like.

You know the drill.

The only time Emily got interested was during the half time show.

She said “she sings really good”.

Hopefully she won’t become one of her ‘little monsters’ now.

But she did put on a good show.

Never mind what the keyboard warriors want to say.

Not that I think she’d be worried by it all.

I’m sure she would’ve earned a nice pay check for doing it,

as well as the majority of everyone else watching saying how she killed it.

These fat shamers are just trying to deflect from their own inadequacy.

There’s always someone who wants to bring you down.

No matter how good you’re doing.

I guess the old quote rings true “you’re never criticised by someone who’s more successful than you”.

True isn’t it.

Same goes when you want to lose a few kgs.

There’s always going to be someone who’ll drag you down.

“You can’t do it”

“You fail every time, why is this going to be different”

Yada, yada, yada (to quote Seinfield).

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

Sometimes you just need that one person to believe in you for a change.

That’s why it pays to be part of a supportive environment.

A positive environment where everyone there is looking for the exact same thing you are.

Accountability, encouragement and a process that will finally help them get back to where they want to be.

And have a bunch of people believing in you and celebrating your wins.

Take this example of a busy mum who completed the DPM Busy Mums Transformation last year:

“The whole process has been excellent. I’ve come out like a new woman… But it’s my mindset and how I feel now.

I feel really good about myself. I feel better, my skin’s better, my hair’s better. My clothes are fitting. I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”

That was just one of the dozens of success stories from the DPM 4 Week Busy Mums Transformation and I’ve opened up the doors for a new intake.

Want to join us?

It’s a place that’s supportive of where you are now and where you want to be.

New intake starts this coming Monday – February 13.

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