Did you catch the furore last week over the gym in Adelaide that got acused of fat shaming in one of their instagram posts?

They had an ad about a new transformation type of program they were promoting and got called out for some of the language used in the way they described women and their relationship with their bodies.

Now, I don’t know how the promotion went for them with getting numbers wise, but it sure got national attention.

Is it a matter of any publicity is good publicity or would it do them more harm then good?

That’s the interesting question I’d love to find the answer to.

It was even featured on The Project last week too with an interview with the bloke in question.

Now, sure some of the language was probably a bit confronting and unnecessary, but as far as fat shaming goes?

Not in my view.

They didn’t get on their high horse and spit out all evil and calling people fat and saying they were worthless.

They described how some women might be feeling.

Is it the smartest thing they’ve ever done?

Well that’s debatable depending on who their target market is.

Some of the wording could have been toned down more but once again I don’t know what their usual target group of clients are.

My initial thought was it probably wouldn’t work but I like to be a bit more softer with my marketing.

Same as my style of training is a little bit more easy going compared to the full on bootcamp model that some people like to operate.

But that still doesn’t stop the one person who wants to jump on their high horse.

A couple of years ago some anonymous (it’s always the way) lady tried to call me out for fat shaming on one of my social media ads when the language was anything but fat shaming.

If she had of taken the time to actually read the ad she would have noticed that.

But I figure it was more passing off her own frustrations and insecurities then a reflection on me so it was water off a ducks back.

In saying all of that though, there’s one thing I will never apologise for.

My first hand experience on dealing with the effects of someone dying way before their time because of an obesity related condition makes me a little bit more passionate on the topic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be abusive and say fat people are evil or lazy or whatever.

And I also know that I’m not going to get them to take action by calling them out for that.

But I’m also not going to feel guilty about helping others feel better about themselves and be around longer for their kids and their grandkids.

And if mentioning how people will fit into their favourite pair of jeans they wore before kids or have more energy offends someone? Well, they would never be a good fit anyways.

I’ll step down from my soap box now.


PS – tomorrow I want to share with you a positive way that exercise can help you in another way that isn’t often mentioned. You might find it useful too

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