Some Questions You May Have About What Goes On At Team DPM

Over the years I’ve had lots of questions from busy mums and dad just like you who might be interested in finding out more about what DPM is about and why they should trust (and choose) someone like me, considering how many dodgy and inexperienced trainers are out there.

Hopefully your frequently asked questions are amongst those below, if not, give me a call or SMS on 0415 843 675 or email daniel(at) to have yours answered.

Q: I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before & Am A Bit Scared & Don’t Want To Be Embarrassed Or Left Behind?

A: Sure, it’s natural to be nervous before starting something new. Especially if you have never done anything like this type of thing before. And especially if you have had a bad experience in the past.

But here’s the thing. I promise you that you won’t be left behind. You work at your own pace, as does everyone else.

This isn’t like a Crossfit class where you have to do everything everyone else does. You work at your pace and everyone does their thing – even in the small group setting. Those that need more get more. Those who need less, have more breaks without any judgement from anyone.

For pretty much every exercise that we do, there’s a ‘starter’ version and all different modifications up to the ‘advanced’ stuff. And if you have a particular injury or condition that prevents you from running or doing anything else like squats or whatever. that’s cool too. There’s always an alternative.

Most importantly, the only people that I let into DPM is someone who I would choose to sit down and have a coffee or a drink with socially. Not just because they’re paying to be at our sessions. So there’s definitely no judging going on.

Q: So It’s Not Like A Normal Boot Camp?

A: No way in the world. That’s one thing I want to be sure with. I’m not some young, inexperienced trainer straight out of my ‘2 week certification course’ prancing around in camo pants yelling at you.

I figure if you want that, you’ll go and join the army. I also realise that you’re not 21 anymore and just like me, you probably have your fair share of niggles and injuries that you have to deal with and work around.

Also, you’ll find that we have a “No Burpee Policy” that was implemented officially in 2017 when clients commented that they never seemed to have done them before here (and it being one of the things that attracted them to us in the first place after hearing we don’t do them!)

There’s plenty of other great exercises that are perfect for getting the heart rate up and hitting a number of muscles at once, all without putting fear into someone that hasn’t done anything in years.

Try it for yourself via the 2 Weeks Free Test Drive and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the DPM experience will be unlike anything else you’ve ever had before in the group training world.

Q: Everyone Says They’re Different, Why Should I Trust You?

A: For starters, most personal trainers who join the industry with stars in their eyes are lucky to last 12-18 months after they decide to brave it and go it alone.

I’ve been running DPM since October 2005 (and full time in it not long after that – early 2006). And before that I worked in hotel and corporate gyms since 2000. So it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much seen it all!

To be honest, what I do works, otherwise there’s no way I could still be around especially when there is so much competition – both good and bad.

Apart from that though, and most importantly I think, is that I get what it’s like to be in your shoes. I have two girls myself (a 6 year old Emily, and a 2 year old Jade) so I can understand if you struggle with sleepless nights and what you face day to day.

I’m not some 20 something trainer who has absolutely no clue in the real world of parenting, how tough it can be and that the last thing you want to do is eat tuna and broccoli and do burpees all the time.

In fact, in 2017 we implemented an offical “NO BURPEE” rule (that was greatly received by all!). Mainly cause everyone hates them and there’s plenty of other ways to get some great results without having to force yourself to do that punish of an exercise.

Q: Your Say You Guarantee Your Results. I’ve Tried Pretty Much Everything & Nothing’s Seemed To Work. Why Will This Work Like You Say It Will?

A: Like I mentioned above, I get where you’re coming from and what you have to deal with before you even get to a training session. As a result, I’ve simplified the program over the years to make it as user friendly as possible.

I realised that you don’t have hours and hours to commit to the cause. I also realised that you don’t want to be spending ages cooking meals that not only are healthy for you, but that taste great, and something that the kids won’t turn their noses up at.

The feedback is our cookbook ticks both these boxes. If I can cook them, you definitely can! As for the workouts? I’ve designed them to target as many of your problem areas at the same time meaning you don’t have to spend a whole workout targeting just your abs, or cardio or whatever.

And if you’re still dubious despite looking at all the amazing transformations that other busy mums just like you have been able to achieve (most of the before and after photos took only four short weeks) then you can check out their video testimonials to prove that i haven’t made any of it up.

Better still, I guarantee everything with the “DPM Better Than Money Back Guarantee”. This states that I am so confident that you will look and feel better than you ever have before with your DPM Transformation.

Your clothes will be looser, you will have more confidence. You will also have more energy. So, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely 100% satisfied with your training and the results you’ve achieved anytime during your first 12 months – then I will refund every single last cent you have paid me plus I will continue to coach you for free until you are happy.

No ifs or buts, if you’re not happy than neither am I, so you will get every cent back just for giving the sessions a good honest go and by following the nutrition and transformation system as it’s laid out.

Does that sound fair enough?

Q: But I Don’t Have Hours & Hours To Commit & Don’t Want To Spend Too Much Extra Time Away From My Family Than I Already Do? Will It Still Work?

A: There’s a couple of options that can work for you. If you work in the CBD, the Observatory Hill sessions are only 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday otherwise the early morning sessions at Lilyfield (or even the Saturday morning Observatory Hill workout) might be the right fit.

The beauty is you don’t have to spend hours and hours to make it work. Give me 2 sessions a week and you can start to get results when you follow the food plan. In fact, even with just once a week you can see some pretty cool changes when you follow the DPM game plan.

And if you honestly can’t make any of our times and are really time poor, the Online Coaching option works perfect if you can commit to 3 x 20 minute workouts each week (yep 1 hour total).

When combined with the DPM food recommendations you’ll be surprised with how little time you actually need to commit (just check any video testimonial on my pages to see as that’s how those mums achieved their great results in only four short weeks).

Q: What’s The Deal With The 2 Weeks Free Test Drive? Am I Going To Get The Hard Sell?

A: Definitely not. That I can guarantee you. Like I’ve mentioned, I only want to work with people who I get along with and that enjoy being there. So your 2 weeks free is as good a chance for us to get to know each other as it is for you to see if you think the program will be a good fit for your schedule and what you’re looking for.

At the end I’ll let you know the next steps I’d you’re interested. You won’t be bombarded with “are you ready to join” texts each day during this period like all the sales gurus recommend.

If we’re not a good fit, or it doesn’t work for your schedule despite you wanting to do it, we can part with no hard feelings or explore the online options.

Q: Can I Just Pay As I Go Or Do I Have To Sign Up For A Membership?

A: I don’t offer pay as you go. The only way that you’re going to get results, and sustainable results more importantly, is if you commit to a regular routine. That way I can also safely cap the number of people on each particular day to avoid overcrowding and taking away from your experience.

The good news though, unlike a gym, or some other groups, you don’t have to commit to a long term contract (or any contract for that matter). You will be continued to be billed by PayPal on the same day each month until you tell me to stop. And sorry, I don’t do cash in hand either.

Q: Where Are Your Group Sessions?

A: There’s two locations. Our Lilyfield early morning sessions are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:40-6:40am. You’ll find us at Leichhardt Oval #3 field (right alongside the Bay Run) on Maliyawul Street.

And we do a combination of body weight and resistance exercises, a little bit of cardio and also boxing thrown into the mix for the perfect full body workout no matter what we do on that particular day.

The CBD groups are Tuesday and Thursday morning 7:15-7:45am at Observatory Hill. Tuesday we box and Thursday is a circuit day. We also have a Saturday morning weekend kick off circuit between 8–9am also at Observatory Hill. Parking is available at both locations.

Q: What Do You Do When It’s Raining?

A: The last thing I want to do when it’s pouring rain is get soaking wet. You too? Cool. So we move to an undercover location handy to both locations. Our Lilyfield wet weather spot is located at the end of Lilyfield Road underneath the bridge that is on the City West Link.

If it is raining, I send a text 10 mins before we start to advise of the move. The Observatory Hill wet weather option is in the tunnel that goes under the Cahill Expressway right near where we normally are.

Q: Do You Offer In Home Personal Training?

A: I do have limited Personal Training availability and can either meet you at a local park or come to your home if that’s more convenient (especially if you have a baby or toddler at home). Obviously, I can’t get to all suburbs around Sydney but if you’re close to the CBD, Inner West, Lower North Shore or Hills District then we can talk and see if we can make something work.

Just give me a call or SMS on 0415 843 675 or email and let me know where you are located and we can hopefully sort something out.

Q: I Like The Sound Of All This, But Can’t Actually Train With You In Person. Do You Offer Anything Else?

A: Yes. I have a small number of online client that I work with each month. You can find out more information about the DPM Online Personal Training experience here.

But basically, I design a new customised program for you to follow along to at home (complete with video demonstrations) each month as well as give you the all important “Accountability Check In” each Friday to answer your questions and most importantly whether you’re doing what you said you would do.

Q: Everything I See On Here Is Targeted Towards Mums, But I Hear You Also Let Men Join Your Groups?

A: I do. In fact our Lilyfield small group started out as men’s only back in the day. Nowadays it’s open to everyone. I don’t target men as much because most of my clients are women, and mums at that.

The type of guys I do attract to DPM are the ones with no ego. The ones that can have a laugh at themselves and not self obsessed loud mouth fools. They fit the same rule that applies to everyone who joins DPM – that I have to be able to sit down and enjoy having a coffee or a drink with.

Because I only want to work with people who aren’t a punish to deal with.

Q: What Should I Bring?

A: Basically all you need for your first session is a bottle of water. I’ll give you a training mat that you can keep, regardless of whether you continue to stick around after your 2 week free test drive.

All the equipment that you’ll need is provided as well. Whether that be for boxing or resistance workouts. I’ve even got insect repellent, sunscreen, tissues and even hair ties just in case you’re caught short.

Q: So, It Seems Like A Little Expensive Compared To Other Personal Trainers?

A: I’d like to call it reassuringly priced. Reassuring because like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Most personal trainers have very little training and experience (considering most are only in the industry for 18 months on average).

Like you may have seen, I’ve been running DPM since late October 2005. And full time since early 2006. Prior to that I’ve been working in hotel and corporate gyms since 2000.

The other reason, apart from my industry experience, is I have made the mistakes and learned from them to fine tune the program to what it is today – something that works for busy mums and dads like you with not much time to commit to the cause. All without having to live off tuna and lettuce (and without giving up the cheeky wines and choccies!).

Finally, like you read earlier, with the Better Than Money Back Guarantee, I haven’t seen anyone else in Sydney who’s prepared to back their system with a guarantee like this.

So I’m sure you’ll understand why it is slightly more expensive (and reassuringly so) than other cheaper options that you’ll find around Sydney. I’ll leave it to you in who you’d want to trust your body, and your results with.

Q: I Have A Friend Who May Be Keen To Start With Me, Do You Have Any Referral Incentives?

A: Definitely. I like to help those who help me grow DPM. There’s two levels of rewards that I have. First of all, when you introduce someone to DPM, whether that be when you start, or when you’ve been training with me for 10+ years (like the 6 current DPMers who have been with me for at least 10 years), you will get your next month on the house as a thank you (via a PayPal rebate credit to your account).

The best reward though is after your friend has been part of DPM for only 6 short months. When this happens I’ll give you, and your friend, a $200 dinner gift voucher to any restaurant of your choice each.

Why do I do this? Well, over the years I’ve wasted a stupid amount of money on advertising that doesn’t work. Whether that be online or offline methods like letterbox drops and other types of advertising.

So I came up with this better way to reward those who help me reach as many people as possible. That way everyone wins and you get to enjoy a nice dinner with me picking up the tab (or at least the majority of it!)

Q: Ok, You Sound Like You Might Be What I’m Looking For. How Can I Check Out More?

A: If you’ve got any more questions you can either email me – daniel(at) or give me a call on 0415 843 675. If I can’t answer your call straight away, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

You could also send me an SMS with any questions. Then, once they’ve all been answered, and you want to check out the 2 Week FREE Test Drive simply fill your name and phone number in the boxes below this video.

You’ll get a response from me within 24 hours asking you a couple of questions and we can lock in your start date. I look forward to seeing you soon!






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