Do you struggle to get to sleep at night?

Or maybe you’re one of those who wakes in the middle of the night wide awake with your brain solving all the non important problems in the world.
When I do have sleep issues that second one is me.

I can normally drop off pretty quick but sometimes the mind goes wondering in the wee hours and can leave me awake for way longer than I’d like.

Well I’ve got good news if you’re either of those two. I’ve found something that will show you how to fall asleep in 2 minutes.

I came across an article the other day that showed a relaxation ‘ trick’ that led to 96% of US fighter pilots in WW2 fall asleep within 2 minutes after only 6 weeks of practice no matter where they were – in bed, sitting or whatever.

Cause after all, if you’re going to be attacking Germany or the Japanese in the morning, the last thing you need is to lay awake thinking about it half the night.

As you can probably imagine, sleep was premium for these blokes cause it could literally mean the difference between life and death and that’s not being a sensationalist.

(Side note: I obviously don’t endorse attacking Germany or Japan these days – remember this was from WW2 days)

But back to what they did.

1) Get into a comfortable position – obviously lying down in bed is perfect, but this is supposed to work if you’re seated too – maybe you could try it on your next long distance flight and let me know if this works.

2) Relax your face – concentrate on letting your forehead, cheeks, tongue and jaw start to relax. This’ll slow down your breathing. Now relax your eyes.

3) Drop your shoulders – we carry most of our tension here. Take a deep breath and focus on relaxing the shoulders as you breathe out. Now relax your arms. Start with your dominant side. Tense them then relax.

4) Now it’s the legs turn. Make them go limp. Once again start with your dominant side at the quads and work your way down to your calf then your ankle, then your feet. Repeat for the other side.

5) Clear your mind for 10 seconds. If you struggle to do this the article suggested three options – the first was to picture yourself on a nice warm spring day lying on a canoe in the middle of a lake looking up at the clouds and sky. Concentrate on that for 10 seconds and think of nothing else.

One of the other suggestions was to imagine you lying on a black hammock and looking out and everywhere you looked was black.

The third one was to repeatedly say “don’t think” to yourself for at least that 10 seconds.

The US pilots did this over and over again to get that 96% success rate. So I guess we can’t expect it to work first time in.

Now the last thing is to let me know if any of this works for you.

I’ll be giving it a go cause it’s better than the alternative of lying awake in the middle of the night for an hour and a half.


PS – want to see that article for yourself? Check it out here

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