Funny story made the news yesterday about the two Aussie blokes who faked their way into a golf tournament in North Korea by saying they were professional golfers and representing Australia.

You see it?

Kinda ballsy to do over there considering they’d string you up and kill you for less.

But I guess if anyone is going to believe a joke like this it’s the North Koreans.

– Considering after all they believe that Kim Jong-il walked and talked when he was less than 6 months old.

– and invented the hamburger

– hit 5 hole in ones in his very first time playing golf and hit a 36 under par.

– and cured dwarfism.

Of course he did.

How he never won the Nobel prize I’ll never know…

But I guess you have to believe all that nonsense when you’d be thrown to the lions if you ever said anything else.

Anyways, back to our old mates in the story.

They were apparently shocking golfers who got shown up big time.

But the cool part of it?

Apart from them living to tell the story,

is they actually faked it till they made it.

That’s what I see.

And it’s probably something that’s worth considering for you.

Let’s say you want to lose 10kg.

Start thinking like you’re already that 10kg lighter.

How that will make you feel.

What clothes you’ll be able to wear again.

Especially with summer coming up.

Kinda exciting isn’t it?

Start thinking of yourself how you wish to see yourself in a month or two down the track.

That way you start eating better automatically.

Cause when you’re in a good routine you want to keep it going and put the right stuff in your body.

You start exercising more cause you know that it makes you feel better.

You drink more water and notice you’re not drinking as much wine during the week.

Cause you know it’ll taste better on the weekend when you plan it in as part of your cheat meals.

Faking it till you make it so-to-speak.

Make sense?


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