Yep that dirty F word.

Not as offensive as when your child repeats back the other F word to you in a moment of rage.

Why do they always seem to get the exact context no matter how young they are…

Anyways, I went into failure, in particular a big one of mine from the last week in the latest episode of my Top Of The Hill podcast.

Click here to listen to Top Of The Hill Episode 28

It’s never fun to fail at anything, especially when you have high hopes for something, 

but like I said in the episode, I’m happy to own mine publicly, even if it makes things slightly embarrassing from the ego point of view.

But it is what it is.

I’m human and not too proud admit when things go bad.

I’ll move on and learn from mine and won’t make the same mistake down the track.

Which brings me to the point today, hopefully you can take something out of the times when things haven’t worked out for you as you might have thought they would.

Maybe it was with a previous fitness regime that you tried at and bombed at for whatever reason (yep).

Maybe it was a job interview you thought you were a shoe in for only to get brushed (yep me too).

Maybe it was even plucking up the courage and asking someone out who you thought was keen on you only to get the ‘can we just be friends’ line (or maybe that just happened to me).

Either way there has to be something we can take from each one rather than just going around kicking the can with your head down.

Sure, be disappointed that things didn’t work, but move on and work out where and why.

And of course, let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions moving forward for the podcast, or even just to give me your 2 cents on failure I’d love to hear your stories.