Chances are you’ve heard about the so called Harvard Business School goal study where only 3% of their graduates had actually written down their goals.

And how those 3% had out-earned the remaining 97% by 10% in the preceding years.

Have you heard of this in a meeting or goal setting session at work?
It gets a good run in the business and marketing world.

Well guess what?

It’s all a myth.

And as Biggie Smalls once said, “if you don’t know, now you know”.

I was looking for the exact same paper after I heard a podcast mentioning this and I wanted to quote it for another themed story.

Anyways, I found myself being drawn into a rabbit warren that I didn’t expect to find.

I couldn’t find the study in question or anything actually linking to it.
But what I did find was a few articles stating it’s a myth.

Yep, someone made it up to back up a statement once upon a time.

What I did find however was interesting.

There was a study that was done at Dominican University Of California that looked into whether writing down your goals was effective.

There were 5 control groups.

Group 1 had to think about what they wanted in a 4 week block and rank them on how difficult they were and their ability to achieve that goal.

Group 2 were asked do to the above but write them down.

Group 3 took it a step further by writing action commitments to each goal.

Group 4 did the same as 3 but shared with a friend their goals.

Group 5 did all of the above and reported weekly progress to their friend.

Who do you think had the best adherence? 

Group 5 of course. 76% of people in this control group had either accomplished or were half way to what they wanted.

Compared to only 43% of group 1.

So the moral of this long winded story is to actually write down what you want to achieve.

And the bigger take home point is have someone to be accountable to.

Guess who that someone is?

Yep I’m here.

Let’s do it.

Like I offered last week, and I’ve already had people take me up on it which I’m happy to do – let’s get some things down and I’ll keep you accountable.

You in?