Sounds like a clickbait headline from some trashy magazine right?
But it’s actually not.

What I’ve got to share is something so obvious, hopefully you’ll look at ways you can do more of this each day.

I’m talking about incidental exercise of course.

So not a structured workout, but a bit of this here and bit of this there adds up over the course of a day.

Now in the good old days, back when you used to actually have to go into work, you may have walked to the bus stop, or from your parking spot to the office, or to the coffee shop and back.

Maybe you walked across the office to talk to Suzie who had something you needed.

All of that is done and dusted for now of course.

So we need to look into what we can do around the home.
Walking out to the clothesline and hanging the clothes out counts.

Maybe add in a 10 minute walk around the block if you have time between zoom meetings and need to clear your head.

While you’re waiting for the kettle to boil you could do squats or do a lap around the house.

You see where I’m heading?

We have to change things up cause our routines have changed – and don’t look like they’re going to be back to normal any time soon.

So we have to adapt.

What can you add in to your day to get your incidental exercise quota up?
Even going back to the old microworkouts thing I’ve mentioned previously.

That’ll help.

Have a think and see what you can do.

Hope this little tip helps.


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