Was sent a very interesting article last week (thanks Andrew) mentioning how cancer patients were benefiting from vigorous exercise during treatment.

They were part of a study conducted by St Vincents Hospital here in Sydney that looked at the role exercise played in helping people through their cancer treatments.

Now to me this is a very interesting subject.

You hear how draining chemo treatment is and when you think about it, it absolutely makes sense.

You’re putting poison in your body to kill pretty much everything in your body – and hopefully the tumours that are your problem in the first place.

One of the participants had this take on the study “Exercise gave me something that I could control, it gave me something to do every day that meant I achieved something during cancer treatment.”

That sounds like a good thing.

Cause I could imagine you just want to do something that gives you the best chance at getting on top of that bastard.

The other angle too is that apart from the physical benefit of people actually doing something positive when they’re getting smashed with chemo, is the positive mental aspect they’ll get out of the exercise.

We both know the endorphins you get after your workout, so that can only help when you need to be as positive as possible to come out on top.

The point of this study was to hopefully push for rebates for exercise for cancer patients cause of the obvious benefits – which is just the same thing that applies for other diseases.

Heart attack patients for example get access to a 6 week rehab program from the hospital system compared to just 5 sessions if you have a chronic health problem like cancer.

That makes sense to me.

Especially if it means that it helps reduce peoples risk of the cancer returning cause they’re more active.

Hopefully this change gets made sooner rather than later.

Yes, it’ll cost money, but you can argue it’ll save the health system in the long term.

Besides, as was shown during COVID with lockdowns when they prioritised lives instead of livelihood, that money wasn’t an object then so I see no reason why this shouldn’t happen here too.

What do you think?


PS – You can read the story here for yourself if you’re interested.

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