Please excuse the irony with what I’m about to share,
but you’ll get my point I’m sure.

If you’ve been around DPM for long enough, 

and there’s a fair few who’ve clocked up 10 plus years believe it or not, 
you may remember back in the day I used to share a ‘motivational quote’ of sorts every week.

Munday’s Motivation from memory is what I used to call it.

Genius right?

Anyways, that was back when I was younger and more naive I guess,

Or maybe now I’ve just been around the block a few times, 

and realised that no matter how many times you read something that pumps up your tyres, 
it’s only a temporary pump up.

Cause you still have to do the work.

And something I came across the other day just reinforced that.

I guess I’m quoting a quote, so like I said, excuse the irony here.

“You can’t read about doing push ups. What makes you think reading inspirational quotes all day is going to get you there?”

That was from Gary Vaynerchuk who’s pretty well known in the online and marketing circles.

Makes sense though don’t you think?

Kinda like me writing to you every day.

We both know what to do.

I can even point you in the right direction **hint, hint: one on one personal training with me will help**

But you still have to do the work.

Either coming to a session of mine or doing something on your own if you want to see that result.

I’ll leave you with that thought.




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