The one thing I can guarantee, is that even after 19 years in the fitness industry, and almost 14 years running DPM, I can still learn a new thing or two that can only benefit those who train with me (and myself). 

So I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, despite how old sayings like to go. 

Some of those new tricks lately have been a couple of new variations with the mini bands that I have started really using to good effect over the last couple of years. 

Those who’ve tried our archers and even back extensions with these will attest to their effectiveness. 

Same goes for the leg variations we’ve included with them.

With the resistance tubes, things like the v sit shoulder press and push ups with the tube around your back for extra resistance have also been effective and well received for those who like a challenge. 

One other change over the last few years, and a more subtle one, is that I’m more open to DPMers following certain types of food plans that weren’t in line with my usual preferences. 

In the past you can say that I’ve steered people to what I know works for the majority of people.

These days, I say each to their own. I know that some things are going to work better for some than it will for others.

Call it getting a little wiser.

Maybe there’s a correlation between the greyer my hairs get and the knowledge that comes with that?!

So if you want to give the keto thing a go, go for it. 

Same goes for paleo or sugar free or 5-2 fasting.

Go for it.

I can guide you towards what i think might work best for your situation but I’m also not going to convince you not to do something.

Unless of course it is something that is going to be detrimental to your health.

So rest assured I haven’t gone too far in the other direction and encourage you to do a detox diet where you only drink lemon syrup or whatever it was that was popular for a minute a few years ago, or chew down a bunch of diet pills.

That won’t happen.

At the end of the day, you do have to evolve or disappear. Hopefully the changes are well received. 



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