Kinda serious headline don’t you think?

And no, it’s not some big huge motivational pump up your tyres time.

More so an interesting article I came across on how more female elephants are being born tuskless.

Not through some forced breeding thing but evolving naturally like this.

The thinking is it might help fight the risk of those poacher grubs from killing em just to get their tusks which resell on the black market.

Of course, like there often is in life, there is a downside to this evolving thing too.

That is they actually use their tusks for digging for food and water and for getting rid of branches and stuff in their way.

Also for self defence.

BUT my mind is thinking if they can evolve like this, surely they’ll find a way to evolve and find other ways to do things.

After all, they are big units so self defence shouldn’t be too big a problem.

They’ve got four feet they can use for digging and so on.

Surely they can work it out.

But it’s an interesting story regardless don’t you think?

Plus, the whole evolving thing makes me think of how similar it is to losing weight.

Remember back in the day when you were told you have to run for hours to lose weight?

Oh and eat low fat foods and stay away from fat?

Apart from running being a mind numbingly boring way to lose weight it is also highly ineffective when dropping a dress size or two is your primary mission.

Sure it may have other benefits if you like the stress release factor and whatever, 

but it isn’t for me.

Plus it’s damn time consuming.

Especially when you can swap it for a workout that’ll last you 30 mins and get you want you wanted anyways.

Makes sense don’t you think?

Especially when everyone is so time poor these days.

Just like those elephants in the jungle, weight loss has evolved too.

It’s not as complicated as it can be made out to be.

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