Sure you have.

I’m talking about one of those days where you’d rather be doing something else than working or whatever other responsibilities you have to handle.

Yesterday was one for me.

I wanted to chuck a sickie and watch basketball cause it was Kobe Bryant’s last game after 20 years.

Also at the same time the Warriors were going for the most amount of wins in history.

So a pretty exciting day for a basketball fan.

But cause I had a diary full of clients that of course took priority.

Damn responsibilities haha!

It’s human nature to want to have days like that.

Sometimes you can take those days.

Most times though you’ve just got to put on your ‘adult’ and get things done.

Anyways, what I’m leading to is that Kobe managed to drop 60 in his last game.

(Luckily I got to see some of it at least – and the final 5 mins when I got home)

But it was a clinic.

Going to back to the old ‘black mamba’ days.

They used to call him black mamba cause he used to kill his opposition in one swift move.

And it proved – the age old point that you are never too old to get something done.

This bloke is 37 (obviously not old by our standards!) but old for a baller.

He was past his best.

But he still got it done when he needed too.

Which just goes to show that it’s not too late for you to cross something off that you wanted to do for a while.

Or someone who you may know.

It’s never too late.

Why not roll the sleeves up – Kobe style – and leave it all out there.

Back yourself.

You can lose the last 5kg.

So can someone who you may know and that’s where you can come in and give them the assist

– to borrow a basketball term.

Point them in the right direction.

Which leads me to remind you that I’m giving you an extra incentive to invite your friends along

to check out our small group sessions at either Lilyfield or Observatory Hill.

For the month of April.

You can get your hands on some cool DPM gear –

either singlets, t-shirts or hoodies just for bringing them along.

Know someone who’s keen?

Please fill in their details by clicking the link below

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Thanks for spreading the word!


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