Did you manage to catch the latest episode of the Top Of The Hill podcast that dropped on Friday arvo?

Here’s the link for you

It’s only a short one coming in at 10 minutes, but we delve into cheat meals and why I’m such a fan of them.

And why you’re setting yourself up for failure if you don’t use them yourself.

There’s also a new thought of the day segment I introduce where i go into a cool concept I like these days that really resonates with me as a dad of 2 young girls.

Let me know what you think.

As per usual you can find it on iTunes, spotify and most android podcast app options.

If it’s not on your app of choice let me know and I’ll look into getting it up on there too.

One more thing on this front, I’d appreciate if you enjoy the content if you can take a minute to write a positive 5 star review on the iTunes version.

The more written reviews on there, the higher ranking the powers that be will grant it.

Meaning it can be found by more people who are just like us.

So thanks for taking the time out to do that, it’ll help a lot. 

Click Here For Episode 5 of Top Of The Hill



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