Lies, lies and more lies.

Came across an article that had the typical headline that screams out at you on the front of a magazine.

You know those ones that always have one article on one page and then another that completely contradicts on the next page?

But this was online.

“Ten Moves For A Flat Stomach”

Okay, it got my attention.

Headline worked.

Good ole clickbait.

It got me curious, not cause I was wanting to know the latest ‘hot move’ but cause I knew it’d give me something to share with you.

Cause I knew the content would be cringe worthy and just lead people down the wrong garden path – thinking ‘sweet I do these and that flat tummy will be easy!’

Some of them included:

– Bicycle crunch

– multiple sit up variations

And the like.

There were a couple of good ones like some side plank variations and woodchops.

They are cool.

But here’s the clincher,

To be honest there’s no ‘magic moves’ to a flat tummy.

Yes what you do definitely helps but it’s not the difference.

And most of those exercises aren’t going to even get close.

Cause they fail on 2 counts:

1) don’t get your heart rate up enough to create that longed for ‘afterburn’ where you burn a boat load more calories after your workout (yes after) then you did during it

2) and just as important is it doesn’t address what goes into the mouth.

No point working your butt off only to bring it down by dropping the guard on the food front.

That is the one where most of us drop the ball.

Work hard training wise but drop the ball with the food and especially the wineos.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat.

And throw back quite a few wines.

Probably more than you may.

But I know that it can’t be too much of this otherwise the scales don’t look good.

And my pants seem to shrink every time they go in the wash.

Sound familiar?

I know it just doesn’t happen to me.

So don’t forget to cross that side off too.

It ain’t always about the ‘best 10 moves’.

Just another myth buster episode for you and you’ll be happy to know that none of those were in my online training event last Friday.

If you missed that?

Sorry, it’s closed for now.


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