Came across an article this morning that you might be interested in.

The perfect skin diet

Cause no one wants skin that resembles an expensive Italian handbag right?

And it’s actually a pretty good read.

The naturopath quoted was pretty much on the money for mine.

So without beating around the bush, let’s see what she mentioned:

1) Bone broth

These things are all the rage right now.

And with good reason too.

I haven’t made a batch of my own for a while but you normally use either chicken bones or beef bones and slow cook em for ages.

I normally do 30 hours when I did mine.

But it’s great for the collagen you get from the bones which helps your skin – as well as plenty of other health benefits.

2) Gelatin

which is recommended if you can’t be bothered with bone broths.

3) Omega 3 rich foods

Things like wild salmon, grass fed steak etc for your healthy fat intake.

4)Organic fresh herbs

Things like mint, thyme, coriander, oregano etc

5) Vitamin C

Which you’ll soon be able to get plenty of in the summer fruits when they come into season.

Or the good ole oranges.

There’s one thing she left out which I reckon is awesome for your skin.

And a hell of a lot of other things too.

That’s coconut oil.

No surprise to anyone who has been following the DPM 3 Day Detox game plan but apart from helping you lose your extra kgs faster it’s also pretty damn great for your skin.

Actually I’ll throw in another thing that’ll help clear up your skin too cause I’m feeling generous.

And that’s to give the dairy a miss.

Anyone that tells you that you have to have it for calcium is having you on,

or is a nutritionist.

Cause there’s plenty of other ways you can get your intake without having to ingest that stuff that only calfs are supposed to drink.

Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself for a few weeks and see the difference.


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