Thought poser of the day for you:

Would you eat vegan for the rest of your life if you could be guaranteed to live longer?

What’s your answer?

Before you think I’ve lost the plot and moved to Nimbin and getting by on Mung Beans and free love it’s a loaded question.

Cause if you ask the vegans they’ll swear by this statement and point to various research that backs their side up.

If you ask the carnivores, they’ll tell you the complete opposite and show you the opposing arguments.

As for most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

BUT. There’s a big but here (and it’s not mine..)

Bad Dad joke, sorry.

There is research from 2016 in the Journal of the American Medical Association that initially suggested you’ll live longer on a plant based diet (that was the media story).

But if you look at the actual research, they said the following to quote directly from the paper:

“Although higher intake of animal protein was associated with higher cardiovascular mortality and higher intake of plant protein was associated with lower mortality, these associations were confined to participants with at least 1 lifestyle risk factor.” 

That’s the full story.

As I always say, you can prove anything you want via research if you manipulate enough criteria.

Or in the medias, or one side of the debates case, to only show what benefits your side.

So it’s not exactly 100% reliable information and worth exploring on a broader scale.

Back to the initial question.

So would your answer still be the same?

Would you want to live like a vegan for the rest of your life if you might live longer? (note the change from guaranteed to might).

For me, my answer is still the same regardless.

There is plenty of benefit in a vegan diet.

Some of the time.

I think we can definitely benefit from days where we don’t eat meat.

Even a few days each week.

But the benefits of meat for me, will always mean they should be a recommended part of any DPM food plan.

Besides, it tastes too good to give up totally!

Now your opinion may well be completely different, and I totally get that.

Each to their own.

Whatever you judge your philosophy on though,

remember it’s okay to have different opinions in life -despite what social media will have you believe that if you don’t agree with a vocal side one way or the other – then you’re wrong!