Somehow I missed a story from last month about the way Diet Coke is trying to win back the punters.

Not sure whether it actually made the media here or not, but I came across it on LinkedIn and it just had me shaking my head.

Seems they’re bringing out a new look (again) and also adding in different flavours.

Cause it worked so well back in the 80’s when they released cherry coke…

They’re calling it the biggest product makeover since it was introduced 36 years ago,

but to me they’re missing a major point.

Which I’ll get to in a minute.

But the product:

The cans are getting taller and more slimline.

They’re adding four new flavours like twisted mango, fiesta cherry, zesty blood orange and ginger lime.

They’re also sticking with aspartame as the ‘artificial sugar’.

Despite the controversy over the potential long term health problems associated with it.

Also, they’re trying to capture a new and wider market then then the old diet coke stereotypical female market they used to target.

The point they’re missing?

I think people have moved on.

You can spend all the money in the world, but people are becoming more health conscious.

And while you may have been able to pull the wool over our eyes in the 80’s and say it’s a ‘healthier’ version,

people aren’t buying that now.

People like you are buying kombucha, coconut water and fresh juices when they’re out.

they’re not buying a diet coke.

No matter how much you dress up and put makeup on a pig, it’s still a pig to be blunt.

Personally I think Coke should stick to what coke does best.


No flavours.

Just coke.

Sure, add in the zero or whatever they call it now, cause people seem interested in that.

But as for diet coke?

Despite the fact it tastes absolutely terrible when compared to the real thing,

Just say, we’ve had a good run and put it to bed.

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