An idea today that I want to share with you is something you might find interesting.

And it revolves around anchors that we all have in our daily life.

And how those anchors have can either help, or hinder, your training progress.

Or you commitment to actually getting up in the morning and meeting your training commitment that you set yourself.

So an anchor is a pattern that you do all the time.

Like putting on your socks before your shoes.

And brushing your teeth every day.

Same goes for training – or planning to train.

So putting your clothes out the night before to get to the early morning sessions.

That way all you have to do is get dressed and walk out the door in the morning.

It’ll probably give you bonus points with your partner too as you won’t be rumbling around at an early hour waking them up.

Is that something you currently do?

I do it for my clothes and bags that I need are placed at the front door. Partly so I don’t wake up Bron, but also cause it’s 5 less minutes I need of stuffing around in the morning. 

It makes my life easier.

And with the way things went last year, a lot of those anchor habits got thrown out the window as your normal routine of getting your gear ready to go to work etc didn’t actually happen.

If that happened to you, maybe some of those habits still haven’t got back into action yet.

What do you think if you step back and have a look at it?

Have any of your old anchor habits slipped?

Or can you add some new ones in?

All this is designed to make your life easier and the likelihood you get to the sessions you said you would happens.

Let me know if you need some suggestions or anchors that we might be able to get happening in your routine.

Or if you want to add a new training anchor I’m happy to help there too – or point you in the right direction.

Just let me know how I can help.


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