Alright, let’s have a leaderboard update for the inaugural DPM Winter Olympics to see how things are shaping up.

When I give you these updates, it’s based on a Thursday to Wednesday calendar.

Why? Cause I’m away from Thursday August 22 to Saturday August 24 so will obviously miss those sessions.

That’s why I started this early last Thursday.

So those people who attend the back end of the week weren’t going to be disadvantaged.

That way it’s all still counted over the space of one week and everyone is equal.

When we finish, everyone has 6 weeks of sessions that they can attend to maximise their attendance numbers.

Remember, every workout you attend between now and Saturday August 31 gets you 1 point.

Every friend you encourage to come and check out our 2 week free test drive gives you 5 bonus points.

If they join after that 2 weeks, you’ll get another 5 points.


1. Georgie – 2 (+5 bonus for referral) = 7

2.Al – 3

2. Chris – 3

2. Linda – 3

2. Paula – 3

3. Alice – 2

3. Cathy – 2

3. Cheryl – 2

3. Dave S – 2

3. Eris – 2

3. Kasey – 2

3. Pete – 2

3. Scott – 2

And another 16 are tied with one each.

Remember this doesn’t include yesterday or this mornings session. It runs Thursday to Wednesday.

And there’s still plenty of time to catch up – ESPECIALLY if you can encourage a friend to come and check us out.

So you can see that with just one simple referral, you can shoot up the leaderboard pretty quick.

Even if you only usually attend one DPM session each week.

Which leaves me with one question to finish the week – who can you invite along next week to join us and help boost your tally?


PS – got a bit of the competitive bug and want to upsize your training package? Just hit reply and we can do a temporary upsize for a small once off investment.


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