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Here's Just Some Of The Amazing Outcomes You'll Discover When You Follow The DPM Blueprint (According To Previous Success Stories)

See What's Possible In Only 4 Short Weeks With The DPM Transformation System

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“It made me feel good. I didn’t feel bloated at all, even just after the first week it was amazing. Now I feel really good, I’m not as bloated. My tummy’s a little bit flatter and I’ve got heaps more energy. I’m getting out of bed. I’m playing with the kids more which is the best thing”

"I like the ease of doing your plan and I can fit it into my schedule.  I have lost weight and inches and I will continue to lose more!   I had gotten pretty lazy before I started this plan but now I realise that the hardest part is just starting.  I would tell someone considering this plan to just start!  Small steps can make a big difference in attitude.  It is a lifestyle change; but it is practical and doable. Thank You Daniel"

"It’s easy! If it’s support- Daniel is the right person to help you! He will support, encourage, and motivate you!"

“The whole process has been excellent. I’ve come out like a new woman... But it’s my mindset and how I feel now. I feel really good about myself. I feel better, my skin’s better, my hair’s better. My clothes are fitting. I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”

“I cut down to three times a week (exercise) and it’s really helped me with my sleep. I don’t feel as old looking and I feel a lot better. Looking at my before and after pictures I’m really, really surprised with how well I’ve done so I just want to say thank you!”

“I wouldn't really call it a diet, because the food was really good. It taught you about what you were putting into your body”

“I found the food really filling and really good. The recipes were yummy. All the kids and my husband, I’ve got 4 little boys, all enjoyed the meals and they’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked basically”

"Before starting the progam I was just bored with my regular training, so I wanted someone else to plan my program for me. Now, I have more strength, and my clothes fit me a lot better. I love my body, how it moves and how it feels. How good are my measurements!!! I thought my arms looked smaller!!! Woo hoo - result!

Yep, my Jeans are as comfy as trackies! I noticed that on the weekend after I was out and about I didn’t want to take them off immediately, cos they were already comfy! Imagine if I dared stick to your eating plan for more than three days a week? But I loved the exercise".

Where Can You Join Our DPM Inner West (Lilyfield)  & CBD Personal Training Sessions?

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    Lilyfield Small Group Training

    * DAYS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday * TIME: 5:40-6:40am * VENUE: Leichhardt Oval # 3 (right on the Bay, near Le Montage), Maliyawul St, Lilyfield - half way down the soccer fields Perfect for an early morning workout before the kids are up, and home to get them ready for school

  • 2

    Observatory Hill Small Group Training

    * DAYS: Tuesday Boxing, Thursday Circuit * TIME: 7:15-7:45am * VENUE: Observatory Hill, Upper Fort St, Millers Point (we meet at the seat in the middle of the workout equipment next to the water bubbler) Perfect for a quick workout before work and gets you back to the office by 8am

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    Observatory Hill Saturday

    * DAY: Saturday * TIME: 8-9am * VENUE: Observatory Hill, Upper Fort St, Millers Point (we meet at the seat in the middle of the workout equipment next to the water bubbler) Perfect kick start for your weekend and perfect if you can't make the usual weekly DPM sessions or as a finisher for your other sessions that week


So Why Does This DPM Training Style Work So Well For 40+ Parents?

After years of trying to find the most effective workouts, and in the least amount of time possible, I've developed the DPM method that has worked so well for so many busy mums and dads just like you.

In fact, unlike most groups that you'll find, the majority of the DPM clients are 40+ women and men, and the research I've found backs up why my training methods happened to work so well.

And let's be honest, no one wants to have to work next to the 'gym bunny' in the short shorts and crop top who just has to stop mid workout to take the perfect selfie for her Instagram fans.

None of us are getting younger despite what we'd like to believe (my body tells me everyday), but there's some actual anti-aging benefits that the DPM style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT - the scientifically proven best way to train in the least time possible) provides.

And don't be confused by the term HIIT. This isn't a crossfit style session where you'll be pushed until you vomit or injure yourself.

It's all designed to your pace, and high intensity is going to be different for you, even as a beginner who may never have done a single workout in your life previously, right up to someone who is in a regular training routine but just can't seem to shake a plateau they may have reached.

This style of training can help shake up stubborn weight loss challenges if that's what you're looking for - even if you have tried and failed at every single workout or diet fad previously.



So, Who Is Daniel Munday & Why Should I Trust Him?

I have been helping busy women (and a few blokes too), feel more energised, less stressed and stronger since 2005 here at DPM - something I started from scratch. For the 5 years prior to that I worked in hotel and corporate gyms, so it's safe to say I've been around for a LONG time and seen it all!

My passion is helping these time pressed parents find their long lost energy, motivation and feel like their old self without having to devote hours and hours each week slaving away with a vomit inducing workout or meal plan that makes you count every single calorie that you eat.

I'm also a busy self employed Dad myself, to my princesses Emily, and Jade, so I know exactly how time poor (and sleep deprived!) you are.


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