Glad you’re still here after my email yesterday!

And today I want to reward you for that in a way. 

You see, if I find something that I think can be of benefit to you, I like to let you know.

It also is good to give another small business a plug cause I appreciate it when people do it for me.

And today I want to tell you about an Acupuncture bloke I’ve been seeing for a month or two now.

As you may recall me mentioning at one stage or another, my body is bit of a train wreck as a result of not looking after all my old footy injuries.

You know, back when you thought you were young and invincible…

As a result, just moving around some days can be a punish and I’ve always got to keep on top of it.

For me, it’s foam rolling and getting a cricket ball or two into my niggles every day. Yes, it’s a pain (literally) but it is what it is.

I’ve also been needing regular treatments and it always was a real good sports massage.

But a few months ago I wanted to get back into acupuncture and see whether that could help for some of my issues.

Initially I started seeing another lady Mel, who was great and she actually referred me onto this guy I’m seeing now as her speciality was womens health and she thought he could help me better.

That alone left me with a good impression of Mel so if you need a good acupuncturist for womens health stuff I’m happy to pass on her details to you.

But this guy, Sean Allison is a winner.

I’ve been able to finally start seeing some relief with my plantar fasciitis problems in my heel that have been bugging me since late last year and it’s also helping with my neck and back issues.

Of course it isn’t a cure.

Just like my sessions aren’t a once off cure.

You need to constantly do them to get the results.

And slowly I can start to see some improvements and I thought today was a good day to give him a plug.

So if you’re feeling like you need some help with some niggles or issues that you can’t seem to get relief with I’m happy to recommend you give Sean a call.

He’s in Balmain on Darling Street and you can find out more here

It’s also good to have another practitioner that I can refer people on to. He doesn’t know I’m doing this and it isn’t a like for like promotion where he plugs me. I just wanted to give him a wrap and let you know incase you can benefit from what he does.


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