Keeping my semi regular Friday tradition alive.

I want to recommend another business to you today that I think you may be able to benefit from if you so wish.

As you would have no doubt read over the last year or three, I’m a bit of a fan of the old bone broth.

I’ve tried making it a few times at home, but to be honest, it is time consuming and a pain in the butt.

Sure, it tastes great.

But sourcing the grass fed bones can be hard and then you have to prepare everything and cook it in the slow cooker for the best part of a weekend.

So pretty time consuming.

I’ve also tried a brand I was originally recommended that was good, but they only sold the natural flavour.

Meaning the thing had, well, no flavour.

Then a good old google search and a bit of research led me to trying a new brand I came across.

They had a few flavours, and not artificial stuff, beneficial things that can actually help enhance your broth.

End result was I gave them a go and have just placed another order cause I was so impressed with the stuff.

So if you’re looking for giving bone broth a go, I recommend you give Meadow and Marrow a try.

As per the usual recommendations on here, I don’t get anything out of giving them a plug.

There’s no commission or affiliate link or whatever.

I just enjoy their product and thought you might too.

In fact the DPMers who I already have recommended them to have said the same feedback.

And for my personal favourite?

I haven’t tried them all yet but so far the Burn wins hands down.

You might like it if you like a bit of chilli.

Let me know if you give them a go.


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