You no doubt know that every now and then I like to share something that comes my way that I think you can benefit from.

And as per usual, I don’t get anything out of spreading the word,

more-so just paying it forward in case you can benefit the same way that I have.

Today is no different.

In fact, it is a bit different as it’s not a fellow local business,

but I really recommend you take the time out and check it out.

You may remember a while ago now, probably a few years ago now, I’ve lost track, but I told you about one of Bron’s friends she used to work with who was doing something pretty cool with a charity she set up.

Her name is Kath Koschel and she founded The Kindness Factory which is basically a way for people to pay it forward to others, and keep a track of your good deed to help her reach her goal of 1 million acts of kindness by 2020.

And the acts are pretty varied. From a kid helping another kid who may be bullied, to paying for someones groceries or bills or whatever.

You get the point. It doesn’t have to be a massive act.

Anyways, Bron told me she was on the Osher Gunsberg podcast recently and it was worth a listen.

Now. I love a good podcast but haven’t checked out Osher’s one.

I just figured he was a host of the Bachelor who probably wouldn’t be too interesting. He’s actually surprised me with his interview and I should check out some of his others.

He comes across as a good bloke and very likeable.

But that’s not the point of this.

Kath’s story is amazing if you haven’t heard about it.

She goes into depth about her life set backs, such as breaking her back, coming to within a day of having her leg amputated, to breaking her back again after being hit by a car when cycling and having to deal with the suicide of her partner amongst all that.

Some pretty full on stuff and it is a real hard listen at times.

But the upside is how she’s used all that to take the good out of life and finding the good in people.

Hence her new mission.

I can’t do it justice myself but seriously, go and listen to it (I’ll post the link in the PS).

It’s long, but I listen to most of my podcasts at 1.5 speed so it makes it easier to absorb.

That’s it for today, just go and check it out,

and hopefully it puts everything into perspective for you, as it does again for me.

And if you can help her out by logging your acts on her website I’m sure she’d love that too.


PS – here’s the link for the podcast if you want to check it out – and I strongly recommend it!

(its episode 242 if it doesn’t automatically take you to it)

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