There’s one thing I can promise you at DPM.

Well, actually there’s a couple.

But for todays purpose, let’s just focus on the one thing that most people hate.


And as you may remember if you’ve been around DPM for a while, we’ve had an unofficial ‘no burpee’ policy for a while now.

We just never did them. 

Then last year we made it an offical policy after an off-hand comment from a few DPMers how they enjoy coming along cause we don’t do them.

It got me thinking that we should make it an offical rule.

For a couple of reasons:

1) we’re not Crossfit – if you like that stuff then that’s fine. I’m not hating on them. They fill a need for a certain market.

2) we’re not 21 anymore and our bodies have usually been through more than people that age who can whip em out willy nilly.

3) There’s plenty of other exercises that you can do to get the same result – that don’t end with that same hate for an exercise with everyone.

4) Finally, they can also put more pressure on your back – not ideal if you sit down all day and potentially have tight hip flexors anyways.

Meaning you’re more at risk to strain your back if you do these over and over again like you sometimes see.

And the best thing about this no burpee policy?

There’s no penalty burpees if you’re late to a session.

Personally, I don’t see the point of some trainers making people do penalty burpees just cause you’re late to session.

I know you didn’t always intend to be late

– that doesn’t mean you take the piss and make it a regular occurrence –

just when you do sometimes get a bad run of red lights, the kids need taking care of before you walk out the door, or the boss needed something instantly – that’s just called life.

It happens.

And if you’re 5 mins or 10 mins late to a session then you also had another alternative – to say “stuff it” and just skip it all together.

So why would I punish you for going to the effort of doing something positive for yourself?

Just doesn’t make sense.

You’ll do your warm up by yourself then join in with the rest of us.

So if that gets you, or your friends over the line to give DPM a go then what have I got to lose?

Like I mentioned yesterday,

don’t forget about my referral incentive where I’ll shout you and your friend who joins DPM a $200 dinner each once they’ve been with me for only 6 short months.

Who’d you come up with to invite along? 

More info below


So get cracking and invite a couple of friends along. Remember there’s no limit to the amount of free dinners you can score. The more friends you encourage to join, the more dinners you get. Simple.