Doubling down on yesterdays message about why I’m not shying away from the transformation model moving forward with DPM.

If you missed it, I addressed yesterday, and in further detail in last weeks Top Of The Hill podcast about the body positive movement and the negative connotations towards weight loss these days.

As you’re no doubt aware, DPM is not all about weight loss. 

Sure, that can be a positive by product of what I do.

But overall, if I can help you feel more energised, your stress levels aren’t as high, you’re a better parent AND if you happen to lose a few kilos as a result of that – that is obviously not a bad thing.

And to be honest, the two do go together.

I also understand that a transformation can be non weight loss focused entirely. And maybe that’s where we’ll be focusing on.

The extra energy, the better sleep, the decrease in stress, the happier family life as a result.

That’s a cool transformation regardless of whether any weight was lost.

Yes you can be overweight but still fit and healthy and more importantly happy.

In plenty of cases even way more fitter (and stronger) than someone who is ‘skinny’.

I’d rather see someone who is 15-20kg technically overweight by definition for example who participates in regular exercise and eats healthy compared to someone who seemingly fits a healthy BMI reading but eats terrible and never exercises.

We both know who the healthiest out of the two would be.

But the overall message still fits. 

I’d also agree that with the new push towards strong is the new skinny.

That I can get on board with.

And thats a message I want to get across to my daughters and stuff that I plant into their minds even now – on how strong they are when they do something.

The one thing that I can’t get on board with though, and hence my double down statement is that sometimes political correctness is taking over common sense.

I came across an article last week from the Philadelphia Inquirer on how a therapist is advising people against losing weight and how they are campaigning for insurance companies to end people being assessed and penalised for their lifestyles because it’s fat phobic.

That is negligent in my view and it isn’t just cause I’m fat phobic.

If you are consciously going out of your way to encourage people NOT to exercise and be healthier because it might make them lose weight, well that’s just madness.

You’ve lost me there.

Like I mentioned in the podcast, I’m passionate about this cause I lost my Dad before his time due to something that could have been avoidable – his lifestyle and his size.

The autopsy revealed one of his arteries was totally blocked.

That doesn’t happen if you eat well and exercise.

Especially when you’re only 53.

So I’m not going to dance around a sensitive topic cause it might upset someone who would never be a good fit for DPM anyways.
I’m not after a pity party there either. I came to terms with that a long time ago. But I also made a choice to help others avoid that situation.

Like I mentioned, there’s no fat shaming or abuse, I’m just passionate about people being active and healthy for the sake of their own life and also for their kids benefit.

Cause I don’t want to be dying before my time.

So maybe weight loss isn’t the total overall goal. 

Maybe it’s more just aimed at people being healthy and exercising – despite their size.

I’m down with that type of transformation.

And for most people who don’t have medical conditions that cause that weight gain in the first place they might well lose a few kilos as the outcome of that.

Everyone wins.

I’m interested to hear where you stand on this?

Have we gone mad as a society trying to keep everyone happy?

Or is it time for a line in the sand and call a spade a spade?


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