Now we’re a few days into February it’s perfect time to ask you how are you going with your challenges you set yourself to accomplish this year?

I read something the other day which really made sense to me:

Double down on your goals in February. 95% of people have already given up on their resolutions already. Now’s the time to make progress.

Now I don’t know about the accuracy of the 95% of people line, but I’d hazard a guess that it wouldn’t be far off the mark if it wasn’t 100% factual.

Personally, I’m happy with some of mine, and still have some more work to put in on others.

The good thing is I’m still going with them.

How about you?

I’m rolling up the sleeves and doing the work this month to make my goals happen and I’m asking you to do the same.

That’s where the 6 week challenge might come in handy for you.

There’s already been some good interest in this little thing with some DPMers jumping on board so I want to ask you before I cut it off.

And I had a question, can you join for 4 weeks if you’re going away after that?

Of course.

If you get what you want out of the program in 4 weeks then you’re going to be more than happy.

The only thing is like everything, you have to be ready to do the work.

Remember, this is complimentary for all current DPMers and only $50 if you’re not currently working with me.

Just hit reply if you want in.

Cause there’s a few people I might even set up a What’s App and Facebook group for it to help people further.


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